FLOS is an interdisciplinary concert concept, brought to life by Aino Peltomaa‘s Ensemble Gamut! in collaboration with visual artist Vappu Rossi and sound artist Tuomas Norvio.

The theme of the performance centers on endangered flower species from the Arctic. Vappu Rossi creates large-scale, live-drawn artworks inspired by the flowers and Ensemble Gamut!’s music. Sound artist Tuomas Norvio produces real-time sound from Rossi’s drawing tools, giving the emerging forms of the flowers an audible presence for the audience. Thus, endangered or already extinct arctic flowers appear to come to life in real time, surrounding the audience, intertwining with the musical soundscape of voice, harp, bells, Karelian bowed lyres, medieval blockflutes and electronic soundscapes.

The project explores the boundary between living and non-living, what is alive and what is already extinct. In addition to medieval flower-themed melodies, Aino Peltomaa’s own compositions and lyrics about endangered arctic flowers bridge the material together, echoing the immaterial epochs of our environment, our home. Already lost, rediscovered. Destroyed, vanished, rescued.

Aino Peltomaa I voice, harp, percussion, artistic direction, production
Ilkka Heinonen I Jouhikkos, electronics, voice
Juho Myllylä I Blockflutes, electronics, voice
Tuomas Norvio I Live electronics
Vappu Rossi I Live large-scale drawing

Video: Pete Veijalainen
Recorded at Pyhän Laurin kappeli (Chapel of St. Lawrence), Vantaa, Finland on the 24th of April 2024
Recording, mix, master: Tuomas Norvio
Artistic direction, production: Aino Peltomaa
Bookings: Margit Ojaniemi/M. Agency

Vappu Rossi: Stellaris Glacialis, 22.–24.4.2024. Artwork created in the second rehearsals of the FLOS project. Various drawing tools on black roll paper, 210cm x 150cm.